On TBR, and the joys of reading


” Read in order to live.”

Gustave Flaubert in a letter, 1857


I have been active on Instagram/Bookstagram for nearly two years and have noticed how my reading habits have changed over that time. From being a laid back reader of whatever I felt like, I have changed to feeling I need to read a book just because others have reviewed it or raved about it. So, I want to get back to a more relaxed reading pace, just following my whims.

It’s a double edged sword  to always be hearing about lots of different books. It can add needless anxiety, stress, and competition, which if carried too far can be detrimental. That’s what I found anyway. I have never had a massive TBR, yet I hear that this is common. Some people’s TBRs are in the dozens or even more.

It’s great to hear about what other people are reading, but it doesn’t mean I will then rush out and necessarily buy a particular book.

I have always been a very spontaneous reader, if I become obsessed with a subject I follow it as far as I can. Recently I reread ‘Jane Eyre’, one of my favourite classics. This led to me reading Clare Harman’s biography of Charlotte Brontë, a book recommended on Instagram. Absolutely amazing book! Well, this led to reading ‘The Tenant of Wildfell Hall’ by Anne Brontë, as I knew nothing about her. Very much an underrated classic. Then I decided to read ‘The Brontës” a huge biographical tome by Juliet Barker. So you get the idea, I’m obsessive. That’s my favourite kind of reading, following a particular passion, rather than trends.

My favourite types of books are classics, contemporary literary fiction, biography and poetry, also books about art and artists, with occasional sprinklings of YA.

So here is my current TBR, pretty modest but I may go to the library tomorrow and see something amazing which I will then read first instead!

Gogol -it’s a bit embarrassing, but I studied Russian Literature at university, yet never read Gogol. This need to be remedied.

Dostoyevsky’s ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ – I read this classic many years ago, and want to reread it in a new translation. This is a magnificent book, a murder mystery and a sweeping drama of sibling rivalry among three brothers.

Dracula- just because.  It has been hugely influential in current vampire literature, but I have no idea what the original story was. Hope it’s a fun read.

I would love to hear what your current TBR is, and what you are reading at the moment.


5 thoughts on “On TBR, and the joys of reading”

  1. You’re very wise! I didn’t really have a TBR before I started reviewing and now it’s close to 200! But really I preferred it back in the days when I just decided what to read on a whim. I’m trying hard to resist the pressure to read what everybody else is reading but it’s hard. I think you’ll enjoy Dracula – it’s a good one. And one day I might try The Brothers Karamazov…


  2. That’s a good list! I’m currently back with Gogol, but reading Homer as well. On my TBR there are mostly Russian books, Bulgakov, Pushkin, Lermontov..
    Dracula is very good. Did you know that there is also a Russian vampire story? It’s written by a remote cousin of the famous Tolstoy, A.K. Tolstoy, and it’s called The Vampire (1841).
    Happy reading!


    1. That sounds a great TBR! One book I’d like to read is The Master and Margarita. Haven’t got to that one yet. Pushkin is wonderful, why did he have to get himself killed?? Which Homer are you reading? I love The Illiad. I’m enjoying Dracula, thanks for the suggestion, hadn’t heard of that vampire story you mentioned.

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      1. The Master and Margarita is fantastic, I don’t mean to add to your TBR, but it really is a must-read. I’m reading The Iliad, and The Odyssey is waiting. Good stuff. As for Pushkin, yes, so annoying. He deprived us of many masterpieces.

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